A message for file hosts

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This is a quick message to file hosts.

If you receive a dmca request (or have done so in the past) for my game Corrupted Love. please ignore that request and remove any strikes given to the uploader of said file, as the dmca was not made by myself (the game dev / content owner).

Someone has been dmca-ing files and claiming to be me (they have even dmca'd files that I have uploaded).

If you (the file host) wish to contact me directly, you can do so by either sending me a message on Subscribestar or by using the ticket system on my Discord server.

For the person making dmca requests and claiming to be me:

Please be aware that you have agreed under penalty of perjury that you were the owner of my work. If the file hosts want to push back on your dmca claims, then.. I wouldn't want to be you.