Release Changes

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Starting from the next update release, things are going to work slightly different.

The SV version is going to be removed and the BV version will be given to all sub tiers.
(It will no longer be called BV, and instead will just be the default version, so no need for me to add sv/bv to the game version going forward)

There will be a change in release times, so the new release times will work as follows:
Mega > 2days later > Elite > 5days later > Super > 5days later > Advanced > 5days later > Itch+Discord

To give an example of how that would look, here's how it would look with dates:
Mega Supporter = June 1st 2023
Elite Supporter =  June 3rd 2023
Super Supporter = June 8th 2023
Advanced Supporter = June 13th 2023
Itch+Discord = June 18th 2023